FFS Tech Conference only has sessions entitled “FFS …” which consist of 10-15 minutes of ranting followed by 15-20 minutes of audience participation discussion.

Good rants argue for something, they are not just attacks against something. We address controversial topics in a robust yet constructive manner, which hopefully will lead to greater understanding amongst the audience and new ideas on how to address the issues raised.

The first one was held at CodeNode in the City of London on Wednesday, 19th September, 2018.

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  • Accounts

    As part of our efforts to run FFS Tech Conference transparently we committed to publishing our conference accounts as evidence that it is a not-for-profit exercise. The final account for the conference are shown below. We decided that, as the key theme of the conference was inclusivity and diversity: of people and ideas, we think it’s appropriate to send the surplus amount to the Travis Foundation (aka diversity tickets) to help the work that they do to facilitate diversity in tech.

    FFSTechConf accounts

    Thanks again to our sponsors and to the attendees and their entrance fees for making this conference possible and enabling us to support the Travis Foundation and their good work.

  • Transcripts Available

    The first FFSTechConf are becoming available and will be added to the Programme page.

  • First FFSTechConf Completed

    The first FFSTechConf has been accomplished !

    A huge thank you from the organisers to all the presenters, attendees, helpers, event staff, captioner and sponsors - through our combined efforts the event was successful and we’ve had a tremendous amount of very positive feedback.

    What happens next ?

    Well, we’re editing up the transcripts as promised (ensuring they stick within our rules of ranting) and will be publishing as they become ready over the next few weeks.

    We’re also compiling our accounts and will publish them, as well as declare the profit and to which charity it will be donated.

    We’ve been asked about the next one, and where FFSTechConf and the stuff we’ve learnt goes from here. We need to reflect and figure that out. Keep an eye on @FFSTechConf for news on this front.

  • Ready to Rant

    We are completely sold out, all the diversity tickets are assigned, and we have volunteer helpers.

    Food and drink ordered, venue sorted, AV arranged, transcription services ready to rock.

    Nothing left to do now except turn up on the 19th!

  • Sold Out!

    We are amazed, thrilled and proud to announce that tickets are now completely sold out. There is a wait list in case there are any returns and we’re looking at options to open up some more spaces. There are still diversity tickets remaining.

  • Fully Sponsored: Thank you!

    We are delighted to be fully sponsored, and would like to say a big thank you to CodeNode, Singletrack, Instil and State Street

    alt text

  • Tickets Available

    Tickets now available ! Only £30 for the whole day, including lunch

    Diversity tickets available for FREE

  • Venue Announced

    We are delighted to announce we have the use of the brilliant CodeNode facility in the City of London for Wednesday, 19th September, 2018. We will be there for the whole day, and probably will continue into the evening a little bit, too.

    Check your diaries!

    More to come soon on tickets, programme, more precise timings, etc.

  • Published V1 of A Guide to A Good Rant

    We’ve published our initial draft of what we consider A Good Rant. These are the rules of ranting we will be instituting during the conference and what we expect of ranters and attendees.

    We welcome your feedback .

  • Sponsorship Available

    If you or your organisation is interested in supporting this conference with some sponsorship we have added some information on the opportunities we have available.

    If you’d like to discuss sponsorship with us, please email organisers@ffstechconf.org

  • Session proposals live

    We have a first cut digest of session proposals

    ...Read more
  • Code of conduct

    We’re working on our Code of Conduct - which is challenging!

    Any comments? Please email to organisers@ffstechconf.org

  • Anonymous submissions

    Not everyone is happy tweeting submissions in public, and we want hidden voices to be heard. We’ve listened and added an anonymous submission route

    The Twitter FFS… hashtag #FFSTechConf is still in place, but this is an alternate which we will balance with the public and voted for topics when building a programme

  • Vote for sessions

    We’re getting a lot of suggestions in under the hashtag #FFSTechConf. If you see a session you’d want to attend, give it a like.

  • Call for Sessions

    This is a Call for Sessions for 2018 @FFSTechConf. All sessions must start “FFS…” and last no more than 15 minutes of rant about technology, it’s practice or its use (30 minutes of discussion to follow each rant)

    Submit 1 tweet for session proposal using #FFSTechConf

  • This is really happening

    What started out as a jokey early morning tweet exchange rapidly turned into something real. We’re going to do a one-day single-track conference, probably in London, probably in late September, details TBC.

    FFS represents our frustration with some of the unnecessary complexity and wilful stupidity in software delivery, sometimes imposed on us, often self-inflicted. Sessions at FFS will all have a title beginning with “FFS …” and will consist of a 10-15 minute rant followed by 10-15 minutes for discussion.

    This isn’t just catharsis (although we hope it will be cathartic), it’s a chance to get to the heart of a matter with people who care and have something to contribute.

    ...Read more

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