FFS Tech Conf was accidentally created by a handful of experienced technologists who have all run conferences in the past. We’ve been dismayed by many recent conferences which seem monopolised by well-meaning and erudite speakers giving convincing presentations on non-controversial subjects, based on opinion rather than experience, delivered to what is effectively an echo chamber of fellow professional presenters and an audience so bamboozled by the intricately constructed arguments that they’re not sure whether or how to challenge what is said.

More importantly, though, FFS Tech Conf is a grassroots movement. Our initial discussions culminated in a half-joking tweet posted on a Saturday morning.

We seem to hit a nerve. 10 days later and we had a reach of >500k with our tweets, >700 suggestions for rants with >7k ‘votes’ for them.

What we have noticed is that the respondents are a diverse set of voices, who normally would not attend conferences, and appear to be energised by the concept of FFS Tech Conf and are keen to participate.

FFS Tech Conf is a not-for-profit conference, because we see the need and the demand for it rather than for financial reward. We’re looking to run a quality event that supports speakers and audience alike, promoting diversity, inclusion and accessibility.