FFS Tech Conference processes data in order to:

  • communicate with attendees, sponsors, service providers and other interested parties
    • we use personal data such as email address, twitter handle, and name information provided by you when you contact us directly
    • contact information has limited distribution amongst the organisers on an as-needed basis
    • all emails and communications containing any such between the organisers are secure
  • understand popularity of proposals submitted via Twitter using the FFS/#FFSTechConf format
    • we gather data via public Twitter APIs, which includes personal data you may have provided to Twitter, such as twitter handle, name, location, &c. Additionally, we use account data such as number of followers, and tweet data such as replies, likes, and retweets, in order to generate analysis for creating a programme. To understand what data may be available and the controls you have over its visibility please refer to Twitter’s privacy content
  • we will be selling tickets using EventBrite. For providing ticket purchase services to this conference they will need to collect additional information such as payment details and verification address. See their terms and conditions and privacy policy to understand this in more detail. The organisers will only have access to the minimum necessary data, such as name, email address, conditions acceptance, dietary requests, and optionally twitter handle, such that we can communicate with you about your tickets and attendance details. This may include follow-up emails to solicit your feedback after the event.
  • we are providing diversity tickets via Diversity Tickets and their privacy statement can be found here. If you receive a ticket via that mechanism, they will share information with us such that we can identify you when you attend, such as your Name.

All this data is processed for the Legitimate Interests of the organisers creating and running the conference.

All data, whether personal or otherwise, is treated securely and appropriately encrypted in transport and at rest.

This website is hosted on GitHub, and every effort has been made to not issue cookies or use tracking mechanisms. GitHub, however, does use common internal mechanisms such as short-term IP logging to ensure privacy and protection, see the GitHub privacy statement for more details. FFS Tech Conference has no access to this information.

Pages displaying tweets use the Twitter Javascript API for rendering the content, and as such there are cookies issued by Twitter from their domain. FFS Tech Conference has no access to this data.

Occassionally, posts may contain embedded content or links to other information that issue cookies and may use tracking technologies. All efforts are made to avoid, or at the very least, keep this to a minimum.

We do not use any captured data for mass marketing, nor do we sell or share your data for any purposes outside the legitimate needs to support the creation and operation of this conference, as described above.

All queries and requests should be addressed to organisers@ffstechconf.org