FFS Tech Conf is a new type of conference that aims to cut through the bullshit and get to the heart of the matter across a wide range of issues around technology. All sessions consist of a 10-15 minute position statement (aka ‘rant’) starting with “FFS …” and then there is 15-20 minutes of audience feedback and discussion. The rants are in favour of something, not opposition, and the intention is to generate a lively discussion on the proposition or the subject with the attendees participation. This is not about catharsis or consensus, although both may come about, it’s about informed debate leading to greater and wider understanding. Hopefully it might also bring about change by addressing important issues robustly with people who care and are in a position to act.

The conference will be single day, single track (albeit we’re looking at the possibility of moving to a more open space format for the evening with multiple parallel discussions). We aim to have a number of experienced and passionate speakers talking about topics they have a deep understanding of and clear convictions about, and are courageous enough to present in this challenging manner.

The audience will primarily be technologists and those working in industries that rely upon technology. It will be clear that this is an audience participation-style conference and the attendees will most likely have opinions on many of the topics. Attendance provides the opportunity and motivation to challenge the positions afforded by the speakers’ experiences and convictions, with the aim of finding out more and creating new thinking together. These will not be your normal conference attendees.

We are interested in sponsorship for logistical aspects of this not-for-profit conference.

About FFS

See About, Code of Conduct and our Guide to a Good Rant to get more information on what FFS Tech Conf is all about.

Sponsorship Packages

FFS Tech Conference is different and we’re approaching sponsorship in the same way.

We intend conference attendance to be nearly-free or low-deposit based in order to encourage commitment and participation from as broad a range of attendees as possible. We think demand will exceed the 120-150 people we’re intending to cater for, but we still require sponsorship for logistical aspects of the conference.

The sponsors we’re seeking are:

  • 1 venue sponsor : Provide a conference venue for 120-150 people with all the necessary facilities such as AV, registration, etc. Sponsored! Venue will be CodeNode in the City of London on Wednesday, 19th September, 2018.
  • 2 or 3 event sponsors : For £1000 or £1500 you will get 3 or 5 tickets to the event, a “thank you” from the organisers at the opening session, plus as much or as little associated marketing as you require (see below)
  • 1 access sponsor: specifically looking for sponsorship for live speech-to-text, not only for hearing impaired attendees but for creating post-conference anonymised/edited text outputs of sessions. Other accessibility suggestions/support greatly welcomed.

We are open to other forms of sponsorship, if you have any additional ideas.

We’re looking for sponsors who like the tone of the conference and want to help make it happen in support of advancing technology in general. We are not looking for sponsors who have something to sell to our attendees and there will be no formal opportunity to sell yourself or your products directly to them at the event. There will be no sponsor slots in the programme, nor will there be any editorial control of the agenda or programme.

Benefits of Sponsorship

The benefits of sponsorship to your brand are:

  • association with a lively, grassroots conference which has the participation and support of an active audience and community who want to make a difference by willingly addressing challenging issues in a robust and constructive manner
  • the unconventional format and attitude shows that you sponsor new and innovative ideas
  • as much, or as little, joint or direct marketing as you feel is appropriate and we are capable of providing. For example, you can announce your sponsorship on your website and in your marketing; we can place your logo and a thank-you on our website; we will tweet our thanks for your involvement in advance of the conference; etc.
  • opportunity for your brand materials, at your expense, available as “takeaways” from the conference to an audience who might not normally attend conferences
  • opportunity for subtle brand presence at the venue - i.e. not full stands, but banners or branded items

To be clear: What we won’t do is change the irreverent and disruptive tone of the conference. The language is likely to be colourful and the discussion robust. This is obviously a consideration about how this sits with your brand. We are happy to work with you on how your brand will be represented and positioned given whatever sensitivities there are in this regard.

Sponsorship is likely to suit technology companies whose staff may wish to attend, have services that support technologists, wish to support technology community events, industry or professional bodies, or companies who wish to attract active and participative technologists (e.g. recruiting).

We’re not looking for sponsors to give us money but instead cover invoices directly for food, drinks, materials etc. As we’re not aiming to make a profit, we’re trying to minimize costs and avoid some of the logistical issues that often dog new conferences such as opening bank accounts.


For further information please contact organisers@ffstechconf.org or engage with us on Twitter @FFSTechConf.